Monday, January 26, 2009

Why do men (or women) like booty???

I am not starting this blog to degrade women in terms of their bodies. Its more of a celebration of different body types and trying to enlighten what we as a society consider sexy. And mine is flat out...ass! Not a flat ass a big round curvacious ass LOL....There is something about a round ass! To me it represents what a true woman is curvy soft and sexy. While I have no logical idea where I am going with this site, but stay tuned. Also I wanna hear from the ladies and see if any of yall have a similar fixation with guy's butts, or is this just a male thing. I know that mostly men (or women who get down like that, you know what I mean) will be feelin' this blog, but ladies I need your input too. So this blog will feature random crazy ass facts about butts. Some very scientific and some just flat out insane. So journey with me in this realm of female flesh that so many people are so interested in and let's have some fun with this. Dont take it too serious u

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