Saturday, February 28, 2009

The First Lady, Sexy and Classy and with a lil somethin, somethin

The First Lady Mrs. Michelle Obama is probably the first first lady to have have curves in all the right places if you know what I mean. She exudes sexiness and classiness. Here is her official portrait but you will definitely see more of her and her ass-sets lol on here. Damn look at them arms! Wow, Angela Basset better watch out!

Hot and Ready??? Not Pizza but Coffee

First there was Hooters, but now there is a coffee shop in Maine that figures tits and skin can help sell more coffee. I know there is an major issue with finding work in various parts of the country, but Since this is a blog dedicated to ass, why no company has focus on big round beautiful booties. Tits and breast get all the love, whats up with that??? Check the video out:

When Keepin It Real Goes Wrong, With Viagra...Ouch

Sex is a great thing and we all definitely like gettin' down, but come on. I understand the Viagra movement and I think we realize just because you get older doesn't mean you should not enjoy life especially sex. I have even noticed that older women have a certain sexiness about themselves that can't be explained. Is it the freeness of raising children that have become adults, puttting certain things on hold and now time to experience certain things? I dont know. But recently I have been more interested in older women, maybe because they have a story that just should be heard and about life and love that can be fascinating. But I will get into that later, check this article out:

Another ignorant random ass video, from me to you

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blame it on the Vodka, Henny...Rap music??? Huh?

It seems like rap music is always being blame for something. They make you dumb, they make you shoot people, they make u call women bitches, all kinda stuff. But now a study has been done where it links raunchy lyrics to teen sex....hmmmm interesting. Click on the link below and read for yourself.

DAMN....who the f--- is that????

Joe Budden is an emcee that I have always been a fan of. From his time with Fabolous and Paul Cain (Hey what every happened to him, e.x. Triangle Offense???) to his hit single "Pump It Up" and to his underground album "Mood Muzik 3" (which was one of my favorite albums of last year). But his taste for women is also definitely on point. Introducing: Tahiri. You will see more of her if you haven't already. Wow!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

DAMN....who the f--- is this????

I checked out this "Madea Goes To Jail" and it was an ok movie. Kinda funny. But I noticed this woman who played Derek Luke's fiance, her name is Ion Overman. She is very dope and there is one scene where she is standing sideways and I was like, "DAMN....who the fuck is that??? LOL. Here some pics. I need some more recent ones.

The Best All-Time Booty Anthems

The point of music is for people to dance and have a good time. So shaking what ya mama gave us has been something we have been doing since the beginning of time. Even though I grew listening to more old school R&B, New Jack Swing, gangsta rap, hip hop whatever you wanna call it, what are the best (or even worst songs) dedicated to the female backside. It can be R&B, rap, disco, some random song you heard in the club or whatever. Help me with this list and we'll see what can come up with.