Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bootylicious video pick of the week

Whooty= White girl with a booty??? LOL

More hot tees for that summer grind part 2

Hot tees for that summer grind

Hot Towel that can cool u down

I found some cool ass towels on Karmaloop that I wanted to post. Some towel, eh? lol

Nike Womens ad focuses on big butts??? What???

Here is a couple pics of a new Nike ad that is geared toward women. Big Butts? Thighs? You sure this is marketed toward women??? Check it out.

Bill Clinton smackin that azz and not Hillary's

What do you think of when it comes to Bill Clinton? Pimp. Lol, he has to be one of the all time coolest dudes ever. Yea yea Obama is my man, but everybody knows Bill's that dude. From all of his issues he is still one of the most popular presidents to this day. Here's a pic of Mr Clinton and Fran Drescher from "The Nanny". She is a lil thick and we can see where Clinton's hand is at. He must've been listening to Jaime Foxx, Plies and T-Pain's "Please Excuse My Hands".

Random AZZ

Kanye's once again drops a jewel named Alana from his blog...nice.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weeds star embrassed by big nipples

Weeds is one of them tv shows that is a cult favorite and prolly one of the hottest milfs on televison Mary Louise Parker. Recently she has came out and said the director, "made her show her nipples". Huh? She is pretty hot and has done nude, semi nudes shoot before, so whats the big deal (no pun intended) Here's the article from More magazine and also pics of her nips. Not bad.


China sex themed park shuts doors before opening them

Sex is a controversial topic around the world even though it seems more relaxed in other parts of the world. But even China on the heels of opening their first 'sex themed park' decided to have a no go and shut down. This park was gonna be like a Cedar Point of eroticsm. Maybe a bit too much. Here's pics an the official article:


Olivia Wilde, the new hotness??? Huh? I dont think so

Olivia Wilde was Maxim's like hottest sexiest female in the universe. Ummm ok I guess. Im not a huge Megan Fox fan, but she has a sexy mysterious vibe about her and her eyes are incredible and I see why guy worship her. But Olivia Wilde? I mean she's cute but watever I give up I guess. Check out her GQ photo shoot and you tell me.


Megan Mccain a lil freaky freak

I like Megan Mccain and she has a cool style, but is she what the Republicans needs to have the GOP become the cool party again? Or is she just a plain ol' freak? Nuttin wrong with that? lol. Here's the video where she saids she "pro sex"

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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Cougar Brooke Sheilds

Brooke Sheilds, milf of the century returns with a very sexy spread. Here are some of the pictures.

Megan Good...oops!

Megan Good is prolly one of the hottest chicks in hollywood, but we all have our bad moments. Or was this a good moment? See for your self:

Friday, May 15, 2009

Just Eva, thats all

Eva Mendes is one of my favorites since here role in Training Day and ever since then I was smitten. She has been low key after her rumored drug addiction and getting herself together, but she appears recently in spread for Ellen Von Unwerth. Just amazing...

Ice-T's Coco back with a vengence

Coco where you been? The game been missing you! lol This white girl is prolly the most stacked white girl I have ever seen from top to bottom. And she has a nice ass face too. I bet she keeps Ice-T running for his viagra. Here is her new Smooth magazine spread. Tasty!

Random AZZ

Melissa Marie. Enjoy.