Friday, June 19, 2009

Bootylicious video pick of the week

Here is the homie Buff1, dope ass video. Chicks not bad either.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bootylicious video pick of the week part 3

This is prolly one of the hottest singles out but the video is a lil disappointing. But the song is crazy. Here you go:

Bootylicious video pick of the week part 2

Rihanna in lingerie. Period. This is prolly my favorite track on Kanye's "808 & Heartbreak" album. The video doesnt actually add or take away from how dope the track is. But did I mention Rihanna in lingerie. LOL

Bootylicious video pick of the week

Asher Roth is dope. It took me a while to get pass the whole Eminem thing. But peep him and Cee-Lo get down.

Erotica chapter huh?

Courtesy of Hypebeast, check out Frank151 latest version of Erotica Chapter. Sexy pics done in a real artsy fartsy format. Check.

Yay! Amber back pimpin these hoes!!!

Rumors are flying that Amber and Kanye are done, she fuckin with Philly emcee Cassidy and now she back on her lesbian shit. All kinds things. But her love for women is still there. Here you go:

Mel B or Mel Bronic!!!

I remember when I post some very sexy pics of Mel B from Spice Girls, Eddie Murphy baby mama. But now there is rumors she is on steroids!!! Yea right, I mean...maybe. Take a look.

Jamie Foxx and Halle Berry, Damn!!! Its like that!

I guess wining Oscar awards gets you all hot and bothered. Here is Jamie Foxx and Halle Berry at the Spike TV awards and Mr. Foxx is like palming the hell outta Halle's ass. Damn! Then you have Halle grabbing like Jamie's package. Get a room people!!!!

Where have you been Vida????

Vida Guerra on the cover of the spanish version of Maxium. Muy Caliente!

Oh taraji

Taraji Henson is one of the most slept on talented and beautiful women in Hollywood. Ever since her role in "Baby Boy" she has been blowing up and is one of the top black females in the movie game. Here is a sexy erotic pic of Ms. Henson. Wow