Saturday, August 29, 2009

Who Doesnt love a Juicy Ass???

Peep out my new guilty pleasure website:
For all you ass lovers male and female, you should definitely be feelin this site. Alot of the models are for the Detroit area, but sometimes you get some international flavor, check my homegirl Lyria from Canada, DAMMMNNN!!!

I didnt know Obama had some titties!!!

I found this pics on Uwe Omner's site, HUH?

Photograpy for Naked Chicks 101

Here are some pics for photographer Uwe Omner, very

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bootylicious video pick of the week

Sean Garrett feat. Ludacris "Grippin". Peep ole girl in the kitchen. Whoa.

Justice, dope azz designer

The fashion game is a huge business nowadays, especially independent clothing lines. So the demand for designers is at a all time high. I always post pics of dope tees that have a slight sexual tone. So i'm introducing a dope azz designer from Michigan and he calls himself Justice. Check out some of his designs

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wrinkled up hot chicks

Check this pics out, kinda cool. I guess.

Bootylicious video pick of the week part 3

Benny Benassi "Satisfaction" You will be satisfied watching this.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Detroit's rookie QB Matt Stafford partying like a rockstar

0-16, the worst record in a football season ever. The Detroit Lions. Ughhh. But here come the quarterback for the franchise to say the day. I guess. He seems cool

Do we wanna see regular women pose nude and not models???

The point of models it seems is to hold a standard to us fat and out of shape regular folks. But do really wanna see regular women, with a lil stomach, lil blemishes, shit like that. Here's a pic from a lady in the most recent Glamour magazine and all of the positive feedback from both men and women.

Cops and hot women...what a combo!

Police are kinda like rock stars in a sense. They have this stupid amount of power and people can be scared of them. But they are definitely know to throw their weight around. Here is a pic where Midland, Texas police ahd this little cute waitress taking a pic holding gun. Actually its a pretty hot pic.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bootylicious video pick of the week part 2

Digital Girl remix by Jamie Foxx feat. Dream, Drake and Kanye West. Pretty dope. I love Kanye's verse on here. Peep.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Amber again...Damn Kanye you the man for this one

I need her topless pic and I will post, but these others at that

Gina Carano got knocked the fucked out!!!

I'm not gonna front like I watch MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) especially the women, but I did her about this big match with undefeated Gina Carano and when I seen her pis I was like DAMNNN!!! She is dope as hell. So I know she got her ass beat but she is a fuckin hottie. This might be my knew crush. But she cant get beat down like that

Michelle Obama's shorts too short??? Really???

There has been an outrage that the First Lady'd shorts are way too short for a president's wife. Huh? Really? The pics are here and I guess I dont see what the issue is. They are fair more conserative than your old school daisy dukes. She has an amazing body and keeps herself together so what is a girl to do? See here:

Charli Baltimore washing cars???

I know that Charli Baltimore never really blew up on the scene as a female emcee, but I thought she was pretty cute. She is more remembered for her affair with the late great Biggie Smalls than her lyrical skills. But from these flyer she still getting money...I guess.

Nia Long for PETA...Photoshopped???

I know PETA can be very fuckin annoying, but there are some very good things PETA does. Not only looking out for animals, they somehow get celebs like naked. Wow thats whats up. Now I love Nia long, but look that really her body??? I thought she was a lil thicker than that. Maybe Im wrong. lol

Amber in Complex

I should've posted this last week or so when I seen this but I dont know whats up with me. Some women are just workdatbooty blog favs. Amber, Coco, Kim K, so her are her pics from her Complex spread:

Erotic art by Mark Greange