Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Wonderful World of Facebook Beauties Vol. 2

This sexy Canadian beauty now resides down south. So thick and tasty. Check her out and you can hit her on twitter

Bootylicious Video Pick of the Week

Ciara, wow you gonna give somebody a heart attack moving like that. Ride the beat? Really? Come on, you all grown up now. Enjoy.

Damn Teairra Mari, its like that???

All I can say if Miss Teairra Mari was callin' me daddy and cookin and wearing them little lace booty cut shorts with that apron I would like

Another Sex Tape??? Or Is It?

Comedianne Chelsea Handler who I say is pretty hilarious has a sex tape, kinda. How did sex tape go from embarassing to a great marketing tool. For example no matter how phat Kim Kardashian's azz is, we had no clue who she was until Ray J beat that shit up. Chelsea said she released it as a gag 10 years ago, but I guess it worked.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Wonderful World of Facebook Beauties Vol. 1

I just started back blogging and this site allows me to just focus on one of my favorite So I added some new features and this post is one them. I was going through my Facebook friends list and I have some beautiful friends that I don't really know. I am more on Facebook to network so I normally add anyone. Yea I'm that guy who add everyone and accepts anyone. So what kill me. LOL, so this is the first posted called, "The Wonderful World of Facebook Beauties Vol. 1". So I will be posting random women from Facebook, so if you guys have a site to plug, myspace, twitter or just more friends on your list let me know. So here is Analyse Woods, damn is all I can say. Follow her on twitter @

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I bet you guys wanna go bowling with HER!!

I caught this on Hypebeast but it has introduced me to Jacques Magazine, an erotic publication that has some great visuals...if you know what I mean. Check out the sexy Lauren Young getting her bowling on and doing it quite well I might add.

JACQUES: The Sports Issue, Trailer 2. from Jacques Magazine on Vimeo.

Bootylicious Video Pick of the Week

Like you know T.I.T.S. is one of my favorite clothing lines and now they linked up with a up and coming hip hop group Dyme Def to make this promo video. Kinda hot, take a look.

The Official Rosa Costa T-Shirt

T.I.T.S. is one of my favorite t-shirt lines. I love the quality of the tees and how they remain true to themselves. Not just trying to be like other streetwear lines, just focusing on great quality with beautiful sexy women. That's all you need. Also I am a fan of Estevan Oriol of his graphic and realistic visuals of Los Angeles. They have teamed up with the sexy Rosa Costa to have her on t-shirt. Can't wait for that one!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Ex NBA star's ex fiancee...NAKED pics on internet

Yep I know that we all (maybe not) people have used our cell phones as adult porno video cam for those you love and maybe those you don't love. First we had leaked sex tapes from celebs, now the new thing is to have your sexy cell pics exposed to the world. Watch out who you sending you nekkid pics too through texting. Here are some pics for ex-Boston Celtics star Antonie Walker ex-fiancee. She had a show on VH-1 with other NBA celeb's wife and she looking pretty hot for a old

Random Booty

Speaking of Lady Gaga is this her again or is it Nas's ex wife...Kelis!!! Damn

Lady Gaga...butt implants???

Lady Gaga is one of the most intriguing musicals probably ever. Her music, costumes, her comments and everything. Now she wants to get more work done including a booty implant!!! I know black women got the whole world wanna get their booty game up, but this is crazy.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Since my return to blogging, its getting warmer here in good ole Michigan and now you are seeing more and more skin even if you don't wanna see So you need a nice laid back summer joint when you with your girl enjoying this weather. I'm feelin this Erk Tha Jerk video, "Right Here". Real sexy single, especially when your girl looking good and you just wanna jump on top of her in that little skimpy sun dress.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sex Sells? Not for Bigger Women

You see sex everywhere especially on primetime televsion. For sexy soap operas, hot sexy reporters or your favorite TV actress. But a sexy commerical for Lane Bryant which features a thicker, still beautiful woman was banned from ABC and Fox networks. Yea its just women in their draws, but for some reason this is sooooo risque

When Is It Time To Have Sex In a New Relationship?

Every relationship is different when it comes to sex. Sometimes it depends on how important the sexual element is and even if its important at all. Some people especially women wait a certain amount of time. Then you have cases where the sex just happens when it happens. But one thing I think is a game changer is once you have sex. It seems like things change drastically. Maybe we as a society should chill a little while before we get to swapping spit, smacking asses and beating it Here's a great article explaining why you should wait...for sex that is.

Jennifer Aniston Naked, kinda sorta

I have always been a Jennifer Aniston fan since 'Friends'. And it seems like the older she gets, the sexier she becomes. Here is her new photo shoot for her perfume, Lolavie. That damn towel is in the way, but the more skin the better.